Best Blu-ray to iPhone 4 Converter with Hard Burn Subtitles

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Do you like to watch movies with subtitles? For some occasions that you may like to have subtitle on screen, while iPhone 4 now provides higher resolution display to 960x640. Instead of renting or purchasing HD movies from iTunes, you can make full use of your Blu-ray DVD discs and watch BD/DVD movies on iPhone 4 with Blu-ray Ripper as the best Blu-ray to iPhone 4 converter for you.


Follow the steps below to make your Blu-ray disc play on iPhone 4.


Step 1. Load Blu-ray movie to Blu-ray Ripper.
Insert Blu-ray disc to BD Rom. Download Blu-ray to iPhone 4 converter, and click the BD/DVD Rom button to load the Blu-ray movie automatically.


Step 2. Choose subtitle for conversion.
Click the Subtitle option and choose one of the languages you want to watch with the movie. The Blu-ray to iPhone 4 converter will hard burn the selected subtitle to the output video for easy video playback on iPhone 4.


Step 3. Choose iPhone 4 MP4 output.
Click the Format option and choose iPhone > iPhone 4 H.264 720P(*.mp4) to get MP4 videos with hard-burned subtitle.


Step 4. Rip Blu-ray to iPhone 4 720p.
Click the convert button to start the conversion from Blu-ray 1080p to iPhone 4 720p.


Wait for a while, and sync the Blu-ray movies to iPhone 4 via iTunes. You can enjoy movies with subtitles on iPhone 4 with perfect video and audio synchronization.

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